by Jeff Wilfahrt
Aug 14, 2014, 9:26 PM

Emerging NRA market – African Americans

The NRA thinkers out there should be joyous. Black America needs guns.

Actually the arms manufacturers should be excited. The NRA is really just a shill for them.

Think of the market expansion.

We’re talking real free market stuff now. Ramp up the production lines. Consider buying some stock.

Most of the self proclaimed protectors of the 2nd amendment usually turn to the argument that they need be ready to resist the government. Looks like people in Ferguson, MO are experiencing that right now. They should all be armed under NRA thinking.

Had the eyewitnesses been armed they could have downed the rogue officer immediately after he destroyed the Brown family’s life, maybe even before. I hear it all the time from the NRA types. Armed citizens stop bad guys.

Arming black Americans should be a top priority for the NRA. It’ll boost sales, keep the ‘gummit at bay and stop crime in every corner of the country. Thus goes the argument.

And they should get the high powered stuff ’cause those SWAT teams are awfully well armed. Maybe Scalia can arrange some shoulder fired rockets. He claims they fit within the legal framework.

This whole situation seems to bolster their arguments for a well armed citizenry.

The featured image above should be a tip off for the NRA, there is even a book they can read about how parallel the desire for power by the gun is between them and the greater black community.

Recall the NRA no longer uses something as lame as hunting, now it is about the castle doctrine. In a few years it could be about drone hunting. Who knows? Their argument mutates to meet the vogue of the day.

They do recognize the existence of non-white co-owners of the 2nd, don’t they?

Or would that be predominantly a white amendment only?

Mr. LaPierre, there are questions at hand, could you address them please in one of your brilliant press conferences.

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