by Jeff Wilfahrt
Aug 14, 2014, 11:06 AM

Oh goody, the white males dominated in Rosemount

Well down in here in Rosemount there was a primary for two open city council seats. Five candidates ran to whittle the field down to four.

Unfortunately the bottom two tied and come 7:30 Friday morning the winner of the fourth slot will be decided by “lot”, in this case a coin toss is the method of choice.

The three top vote getters are all white males, rumored one and all to be men of conservative political bent.

The two last place finishers were a woman of apparent Latin extraction and male with black skin of Somalian descent. In an area with a +7 Republican advantage there is no real surprise there, face it, they are not white. For the record the black skinned man comes off as the best educated, ablest and smartest of the bunch.

Voter turnout was low, just like most of the state. Come November the general election will decide which two top vote getters nab those precious seats and guide the city forward.

It’s the usual blurb for the most part. Intending to grow the business base on the come that residents will experience tax relief. They’ve been at this for decades and still having found that magic allure.

They are pretty good at pandering to land developers however. Of course the council members won’t be around when those new streets age and require money but it does support the claim the community is growing as a result of such able government and Promethean thought.

No browning of America here south of the river, at least in terms of political influence. Minority group(s) need not apply unless comprised of white male conservative thinking.

Not to leave you without example this city council is where the oh so efficacious economic policies of the politically late great Kurt Bills come from (3 out of 10 believed him enough to give him a vote).

Recall that he wanted MN to be printing its own money… so you could buy gas in Wisconsin, or Iowa, or the Dakotas with MNLoonies or whatever he hoped to call them. Speaking of loonies…. a Social Studies teacher, who likes to jump on desks and bang his head against the wall while delivering his deep economic wisdom on our youth, resembles one.

And he was so excited to vote to remove the moratorium on nuclear energy. Excel Energy wasn’t requesting that, at least not openly. But in response to inquiry Bills said all options should be on the table. Yet he never seemed to embrace the renewables. Probably part of his deep deep economic knowledge.


Well let’s assign that to a 16 year old mentality in the body of middle aged man reading the wrong literature. He made a laugh of the Laffer curve which he didn’t really understand.

… on reflection does this sort of make us the Deep White South of Minnesota. We have John Kline, and we put Kurt Bills forward, and we have a couple female followers of the Christ as representatives now, all white but you knew that already.

Minority recognition apparently stops with the female gender. Wait, there’s more women in the world than men.

What is going on here?

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