Mohamud Noor, left,with Somali political activist Jamal Abdulahi. (
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jun 10, 2014, 11:22 AM

What’s this old world coming to, things just ain’t the same…

Down here in SD57 where the State Senator is a rational man and the House Representatives are Liberty Caucus types (yes, irrational is implied) there’s an amazing development.

The Rosemount City Council has two seats opening up. Five filers have applied, and by gosh one of them isn’t white. In fact, he is a critical thinking Muslim.

The guy is smart, very smart. His name is Jamal Abdulahi. He’s an engineer, of the computational variety.

We’re about 86% white down here according to the census data. The mean income hovers around $79k per household. Not the loam for a man who brings intelligence in non-white skin to flourish.

The city council here is dominated by the non-partisan GOPers. Has been for years and years. They actually do a pretty good job… not so much the voters though… they did back the likes of Kurt Bills. Like most suburbs the Chamber of Commerce rules supreme here, job creators and all that fluff. Ironically, all we really have here is the foundation of the Koch wealth, the re-named Flint Hills Resources. Koch got to be sort of pejorative term.

But Jamal is smart. We need him. Especially as the UMore Park project proceeds. On good source the U lawyers will outwit the city lawyers. Not sure the city realizes the implications of the law when it comes to Land Grant legal entities.

Should prove to be an interesting race and moreover an interesting test of white man rule. Good chance the community will balk at the thought of Jamal actually acting on their behalf by applying intelligence.

All the best Jamal, we need you now more than ever.


*The lyric excerpt is from an old Garcia tune, “What’s this old world coming to, things just ain’t the same, anytime the hunter gets captured by the game.”


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