Smaller will be better (
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Sep 26, 2013, 12:09 PM

Nanotechnology is coming to a home near you

Change as they say is the only constant.

This announcement from Stanford on nano computing is exciting. Let us consider for a moment what it may mean in a societal sense.

1) Since nano carbon tubes are more efficient conductors, power consumption should drop. In other words your laptop/pad/phone should run cooler when this technology comes to market.

2) The global carbon footprint could/would/should diminish on a per user basis.

3) Computing power will escalate incredibly.

4) High technology nano jobs WILL be created, and MN is among the leaders in that arena.

5) After the bleeding edge subsides costs will plummet in response to the global market demand.

6) This science subject is NOT homeschool suitable matter. This will require professionals in science education.    (deformers need not apply)


… on the down side

The nano waste stream has got to be monitored from the start. Already occurring in cosmetics and many household items, nano contrived materials engender the next environmental issues. Since we’ve been down this road before with manufactured goods we can manage this if we are Promethean rather than Epimethean* in our consideration. These materials are so small they are unseen with the unaided eye. In fact common laboratory microscopes are insufficient in magnification to see these particles.

The economy is changing. Manufacturing is changing, i.e. 3D printing as a prime example.

This is exciting stuff. This is the change, this is the future.

Now if we could all get a six inch diameter fiber optic cable into our homes… WHOOSH!

And don’t be surprised if an amendment to define computing as solely between Copper and Silicon is proposed from… oh let’s say the TBaalParty thinkers.

In reflection consider the famous Chinese ascribed curse, “May you live in an interesting age.”



* Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus are commonly associated with forethought and afterthought respectively.

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