by Jeff Wilfahrt
Aug 20, 2014, 11:31 AM

Splitting wood can parallel democracy

Old timers used to say splitting wood kept you warm twice, once when being split and again when burned.

Democracy can be like that, if one shows up for the first operation, campaigning, or the simile of splitting of the wood.

Most of us opt for just the latter which is the vote. We take our lumps on the outcomes, win some, lose some. Good chunks of wood for the fire or bad chunks. Seasoned or green, throw it in and let it burn.

Somehow the electorate is satisfied with the cord of wood it gets. Failure to pay attention to campaigns and the specifics they may identify is like foregoing the splitting portion of this little simile.

During the split cycle the choice wood can be culled. One need not simply take what gets delivered. The outcome can be affected.

If you’d like to see governance that can radiate don’t miss out on the first opportunity or you’ll only get half of what is actually available.

Just sayin’… those old saws had some grist. We’re settling for half of what we could get.

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