Hanging around London Bridge (en.wikipedia.org).
by Steve Timmer
Dec 26, 2014, 3:00 PM

They shall serve as examples for all to see

The words of Bloomington city attorney Sandra Johnson still ring in my ears:

“It’s important to make an example out of these organizers so that this never happens again,” Johnson said. “It was a powder keg waiting for the match.”

If you go to the Bloomington website, you will see a note that the police and the city attorney have put the pot on to boil, and they will get back to everyone just as soon as they know who’s going in the pot. Stay tuned!

Capital punishment doesn’t even deter murder. If you don’t believe me, check out the murder rate statistics in states that have capital punishment versus those that don’t. So it’s rich that Johnson thinks she can exact a punishment, criminal or civil, that will deter all people for all time. It’s pure megalomania.

As I have pointed out before, Johnson’s description of the situation in the MOA that day is a fabulist lie. A bunch of preachers, who were there, confirm it.

The people who were really good at this example-setting business were our English cousins. They used to decorate London Bridge with examples, for treason, and for other offenses, too.

And let’s not forget the Dominicans; they were no slouches in example setting, either.

News reports say that Johnson is bent not only on criminal prosecution, but a civil action to recoup the insane overtime cost for the unnecessary phalanx of storm troopers who showed up at the MOA that day, as well. As is often the case, a picture is worth a thousand words:

Ricardo Levins Morales

Ricardo Levins Morales (via www.facebook.com)

What city attorney Johnson wants to do differs only in degree, but not in essential kind, from the London Bridge decorators or the Dominicans. Let’s hope there are a few sane and thoughtful souls left at city hall in Bloomington who will call an end to this reign of terror.

Update: If the city does sue for civil damages, the depositions of the city attorney and top police and mall security officials are going to be choice.

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