Doug Tice (Twitterphoto).
by Steve Timmer
Dec 14, 2014, 4:30 PM

Shorter Doug Tice

We are all unarmed black men now

From the guy who brought you My Mother is Too Stoopid to Vote, we now have proof that unarmed black men, shot down in the street like dogs, or choked to death while lying on the ground, are just like white guys who have trouble getting plumbing licenses.

You know, Doug, thanks; I just didn’t see it until now. If you can’t operate an unlicensed food truck on the Nicollet Mall, or you can’t breathe, why, it’s the same thing.

You’ve made a libertarian out of a lot of black people today, my friend. Congratulations.

When someone uses his mother as Exhibit A in why low voter turnout is good (have you checked Mom’s will lately, Doug?), you know he’s capable of damn near anything, but this still surprises.

But Doug is just following the path cleared by Rand Paul, one of Doug’s sociopathic fellow travelers, on this issue, though. Paul’s the one who said, first I think, that Eric Garner was choked to death for selling untaxed cigarettes, “loosies.”

Let us assume for a moment that Eric Garner was selling “loosies.” Unless he bought them off the back of a mob truck from New Jersey (unlikely, I think), the taxes would have been paid when Garner bought the cigarettes at a retailer to be broken up for resale. Rand’s theory is bogus.

I am in slack-jawed awe that Doug Tice would equate the death of young black men at the hands of the police with his Objectivist whining. It beggars belief.

You would also think, if nothing else, that the admittedly tone deaf Scotty would take Doug aside and say, “Jesus, Doug, maybe you want to rethink this.”


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