Sanders' success depends on non-corporate citizen action, at least make a sign!
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jul 3, 2015, 7:30 AM

Rx of Doctor Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders spoke Thursday in Rochester to a crowd of somewhere around 500 people.

It was more like a clinical visit, a physician’s diagnosis of what ails us. A fitting simile since we were so close to the Mayo Clinic.

He’s a self proclaimed Democratic Socialist, he talks in terms of “we” rather than “me” issues.

He said blatantly that even if he were to win, that as President there is little or nothing he alone could accomplish. We either accept the cure or suffer the disease.

Bernie is quick to say this campaign is not about him. He all but demurs on his role. His challenge to us is to take the cure.

Root cause:

Wealth redistribution is already nearly complete. It has been redistributed to a mere fraction of the noted 1%. And it scares the hell out of monied interests to think the majority of voters may take it back.

So long as voters allow big money to buy elections, establish public policy and corrupt the government with dollars, the underlying disease will fester.

He picked on right wing voters only to the extent that they have foolishly consumed the monied interests’ memes by focusing on the social issue chum thrown them.

Bernie still believes in that old fashioned way that trust in government matters, contrary to Reagan’s success in denigrating a role for government,


As a case in point he noted that 90% of the people using Des Moines food shelves have jobs. Jobs not paying a living wage.

He contends that children living in poverty see no example within the context of family that leads them to despair a higher education can even be a dream.

Student debt is crippling our educated youth.

Crumbling infrastructure is everywhere across the nation.

Once the envy of the world, America’s middle class is virtually collapsed. Living wages are all but gone, especially for the young.

If Bernie missed anything Thursday it was in response to a veteran’s question regarding the remaining ~1,000 MIAs in Vietnam. Bernie was not direct with the man and he should have been.

Bernie’s should have cited his statement on the Senate floor in response to Rubio’s bombast about veteran benefits being too expensive, “If you think it’s too expensive to take care of veterans, then don’t send them to war.”


If we don’t take the cure the disease will only metastasize more deeply into the public arena.


His prescription for America is to vote smart. Vote against the monied interests. The money that runs to candidates like Bush, Clinton, Walker and all the rest.

Hillary pulled in $45M from shrimp cocktail small groups and has $24M in PAC money to back it up.

Bernie pulled in $15M without any PAC at all.

Even voting for the presumptive Democratic candidate, Hilton Hillary, is no remedy. A vote for her is at best an ineffective homeopathic treatment.


The question Bernie brings is whether will we join in a movement to take our government back.

Consideration of how government should be viewed was covered here at LeftMN in the past.

Dr. Bernie gave the diagnosis and prognosis. His stump speech is tantamount to a third or fourth opinion on what ails us. It was true from earlier evaluators and it is yet again the same logical conclusion.

Will we take Dr. Bernie Sanders’ prescription?

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