War, good for GOP business
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Sep 17, 2015, 9:00 AM

2016 GOP WH win = Hubris + War

Well, with the rare exception, it was clear last night that if the GOP takes the WH in 2016, we’re most likely going back to warring.

Fiorina in particular was ready to arm the hell out of Europe and beyond to put Putin in his place. She didn’t offer to be on the front lines, that is for America’s 1% warring class. Obviously not those with money, but those with a sense of service.

Bush, same old family bluster and smirks. Trump still a lightning rod salesman. Self absorbed Walker still self infatuated. It was quite the show indeed.

War is good for business. It is an accelerated form of a disposable society. Build it then blow it up or leave armaments behind. Subsequently spend money to rebuild things destroyed months earlier. It’s a Republican world view and form of dominance after the act.

Yes, the supposed GOP front runners, should they win the election, are promising quick financial turnaround via war.

Per the old Country Joe and the Fish song, “Be the first on your block, to have your boy come home in a box!”

The issues of the country were all subsumed by the “What I would do to bolster American dominance if I win” blather.

War! Coming to an election near you.

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