A change of climate indeed (thecount.com).
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jul 29, 2015, 9:00 AM

Cecil and Palmer, a GOP allegory

Dentist Palmer gave the full amount to Romney. That establishes his politics. He is indicative of the GOP framework of the world.

Cecil, well that lion is/was nature emblematic.

Nature is being hunted by the likes of the GOP. All too willing to lie about their actions. Statements like “I had no idea” reveal a denial of rational thought. On climate change, “I’m not a scientist”, serves as having no idea.

And the money thing, well it gets what it wants doesn’t it. Be it nature or Cecil.

A long list of trophies indeed. Nuclear waste stashed all over the planet. Mining disaster after mining disaster. Natural resources all but pilfered with devastation left in the wake.

“[A]n activity I love and practice responsibly and legally”. Sound familiar. No mention of the poaching conviction. Just a mea culpa. Just who did hide the tracking collar?

Cecil wasn’t the first lion to fall to the hunter according to Kare11. The lion in the ubiquitous photo with the hunter and his bow was a prior kill. Reports are 43 big game kills. Having the money is license to “take”.

The fate of Cecil’s cubs sounds dire. At the rate the GOP goes after natural resources the fate of Palmer’s children isn’t looking good either.

We’re left with the question of where is the mighty hunter now?

How could such a conquering hero run from the press?

Why the need for public relations?

Is he no longer so proud of his conquests?

The Kochs lurk in the shadows as well. Must be an aversion to the light of day sort of thing.

Guns, lies, denials and what’s yours is mine for the taking. That seems to pretty well sum things up about the GOP worldview.

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