MN GOP now advocating federal solution to healthcare
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jul 14, 2015, 9:30 AM

MN GOP: The tenthers are now federalists

So now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the ACA the MN GOP is attacking MNSure. It wasn’t long ago that the tenther argument was all the rage among them. Now they want the federal government, the one Reagan denigrated time and time again, to take over MNSure.

They could have supported MNSure from the get go and added value at that point. But they were so hot and bothered about ACA even being constitutional… well no way were they about to put their oar in the water and help paddle.

Unhappy now with the financials on MNSure they’re running an argument to adopt the national system.

It occurs several times in the Bible that the poor will always be among us. You’d think any evangelical and any “christian” based religion would have worked to support health care. The focus remains on profits. Children of Aaron one and nearly all.

This spring CPAC Mack of Apple Valley used the usual GOP slippery language stating that her committee’s work was not a “war on women”. While semantically correct it was actually a war on poor women. SD57A keeps on putting her in office although it unclear as to why.

Since SD57 is the subject of the last paragraph a comment is warranted on the B side as well where Anna Wills, the note taker, holds office. Watching her at a meeting is like watching Sarah Palin in the film Game Change. Prolific notes, not so many prolific comprehensions.

Thankfully Tina Liebling called Mack out on her language at the conclusion of the meeting.

Mack and Wills are stooges for the GOP, one week tenthers, next week federalists. No surprise in that fact, the whole party of fiscal conservatives are like this… remember the unpaid rent for their headquarters?

Liberty Caucus, CPAC and Tea Party are all Mack’s and Wills’ base. The tenthers are now federalists.

… and then there’s the Chamber of Commerce and their tobacco industry support.

Having banned the smoke ads decades ago maybe it is time to ban the pharmaceutical industry ads that smother the evening news programs. Doubt the Chamber would support that notion.

Yes, the tenthers are now federalists, next week will be yet another pivot.



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