It's already over says Hillary (
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jul 14, 2015, 10:30 AM

Wikipedia says: Klobuchar and Franken endorse Hilton Hillary

There’s no real surprise that Klobuchar supports Clinton for 2016, they’re birds of a feather. Both put their fingers in the air to test the political winds. Klobuchar doesn’t lead on anything controversial. Neither does Clinton.

It is disappointing that Franken backs her. Al does a great job of taking on political shysters in committee after committee.

Perhaps it is dependance on the Democratic Party, or more specifically indebtedness. An awful lot of money is involved, and that is of course the lifeblood of politics.

If it were purely about the public mood regarding money in politics Franken and Klobuchar both would not back a wall streeter like Hilton Hillary.

So for these two state senators it comes down to a question of whose money they appreciate, the big donors or the common citizen.

Their endorsements answer that question.

Don’t expect them to support an overturn of Citizens United, other than lip service that is. They support Hilton Hillary for a reason.

Dayton got support from Hillary, and in turn attended her May campaign event.

Dayton’s endorsement may be less tacit than Klobuchar’s and Franken’s but it is clear she has it.

Damn shame too, Dayton has been the most earnest governor we’ve had in a long time. Lousy orator but very earnest about the issues before the people of this state.

The distinction between the DFL and GOP is null when it comes to the money issue.

Compromised by funding, one and all.

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