by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jun 29, 2015, 3:00 PM

Hilton Hillary, a limousine liberal?

Thinking of things with the mind of a lefty liberal it seems that Hillary is something of what is pejoratively known as a “limousine liberal.”

Access to the presumptive Democratic nominee cost around $2,700 this past week. It just seems contrary to the claim she’ll be fighting for more common folk among us.

The speaking fees she pulls are out of sight as well. A sure sign of the old supply and demand economics law. If the traffic will bear it she can charge it.

Undoubtedly, the woman has the moxie to occupy the White House. No doubt whatsoever as to her administrative skills. And she certainly has been around the political block a time or two… but there is that lingering, nagging, persistent doubt regarding her progressive credentials.

And somehow it never sat quite right how the New York Senate seat was co-opted.

Reflecting across the last four decades spouse Bill was actually the only Republican lite president to have held office.

Between him and Newt a lot of questionable policy came to pass. NAFTA, DOMA, DADT and then there was the whole “death tax” issue. Here’s hoping the millennials have the good sense to unwind that mess and have the boomers pick up the tab for their retirement years. Leaving the chit on the table is always bad form.

Therein seems to lie the rub. That Hillary may in fact just be Republican lite herself. She recounts in her autobiography starting out as a Goldwater Republican. As late as 1968 she was working to get Rockerfeller the nomination. Her past origins may be prologue.

She’s now really more representative of the oligarchy than the general populace. She grew awfully wealthy while the middle class and poor stalled out.

Maybe it’s just the centrism thing she tacitly veers towards, but that rings like a concession to the muddle we are in as a nation.

And so, as a lefty liberal, the trepidation is best represented by the look askance Bernie Sanders is giving her in the melded image above. It is as if he were thinking, “And you call yourself a Democrat?” That’s what this lefty is certainly thinking.

If she’s on the ticket against Bush, or any of the GOP pantheon of monotheists currently running for endorsement, she’ll get this lefty’s vote.

But that prospect brings to mind the old Phil Ochs lyric, “It was used car dealer’s election, and the choice was rather small, the boys agreed it’s the war we need and now there is no president at all.” Remember she did vote for the Iraq war. She never authored any legislation to pay for it.

Further confounding the question is the symbolic nature that if she should win the White House it would represent a significant societal gesture given the gender inequality in the country. This point is not lost on anyone old enough to remember the acronym ERA.

She’s a politician and she’s ambitious. Sly like the fox who wants in the henhouse. In this case Democratic votes play the role of the chickens.

She’s cunning, crafty, evasive and actually good at the political game. Some would argue these are strengths; some would argue these are bellwethers that nothing will fundamentally shift. Same old same old, hardly distinct from a Republican win.

If she does win the presidency then she is de facto head of the Democratic Party. Again, how does that play out if indeed she, like her spouse, is not but Republican lite?

Graffiti from a bathroom wall in Brookings, S.D. back in the early ’80s pretty well sums it up.

“Life is shit sandwich, the more bread you got, the less shit you eat.” 


In the end wealth sets the proportion to life’s difficulties. One thing for sure is that Hillary is in fact eating proportionately less shit these days.

Maybe tigers can change their stripes, and then again maybe not.

This old lefty just can’t escape the notion that with her roots being in the Republican base she now at best comes off as a limousine liberal.

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