by Jeff Wilfahrt
Sep 11, 2015, 9:30 AM

Oh Oh! Lying lawmakers. Who’d have thought?

Well it has come to pass that the righteous have fallen, yet another moralistic set of legislators have succumbed to primal instincts and chosen love over law.

The contemporary example is the Republican duo of Tim Kelly and CPAC Tara Mack.

“Let’s make love, I mean law” he cooed in her ear. “Wait, let me get my pants down” she urgently responded.

Silly isn’t it. And highly unlikely, but like a cheap dime novel that’s about how the Kelly and CPAC Mack storyline reads.

Most folks probably don’t care who these two drop their respective pants with in their private lives.

That’s the case despite the fact that both transgressors had “attitude” toward the LGBT community and did seem to care about what they were up to in private.

Sent to make fair, just and equitable laws and fully expected to be truthful in their dealings it would seem the baser instincts prevailed.

Their mendacity, that being a fancy word for deceit and lying, leaves one to wonder what legislation these two characters will be promoting and backing this cycle since with each utterance any thinking person will be asking about either legislator’s veracity, the fancy word for truth.

So the cover up becomes the thing. The statements made by Kelly and CPAC Mack about the officer’s veracity, about what transpired, about documents and what not amount to a frail cover up.

This is hardly a case of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. These two touted righteous societal positions only to discover, if they have an ounce of introspection between them, that gosh, people do foolish things and it can happen to you.

People who run away from truth, who willingly and blatantly lie, who besmirch the character of an innocent attestor, well these are not people who should be making law.

Kelly and CPAC Mack, go back at it. Enjoy yourselves, your humanity, your frailties, your passion for one another.

Go ahead and make love, but don’t try and make law anymore.

As for your other first instinct, to lie and obscure the truth, well that is a problem.

We can’t believe a word you say from here on out.

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