Ron Erhardt sponsors women veterans' license plate
by Steve Timmer
Nov 5, 2016, 10:30 AM

Ron Erhardt is the far better choice for women

This story is necessary because of the odious effort to smear a long time and popular Edina representative, Ron Erhardt. The Republican house caucus campaign committee figured a smear was necessary, because there was no way on earth it was going to defeat Ron on policy. Heck, the people who put this stink bomb together see him in the House ever day in session; they know that.

But for any of you inclined to take the bait and think Ron is not sensitive to women’s issues, think about these things:

Ron, a command sergeant major in Korea, sponsored a bill for a commemorative license plate for women veterans, shown above.

Ron always gets the NARL endorsement; he did when he was a Republican, too. As I have written before, he was the very last pro-choice Republican in the Minnesota Legislature.

Dario “empty suit” Anselmo says he wouldn’t support “more” restrictions on abortions. What does that mean? It means what it usually means with Dario opens and closes his mouth: the sound of hinges on a waffle iron.

Ron is a long time supporter of rights for our LGBT citizens. He’s supported anti-bullying legislation to help protect our LGBT kids.

Ron was part of the DFL caucus that passed a series of important women-centric economic measures a couple of years ago.

The Republican caucus in the House, and its leader, Kurt Daudt, do not support any of these things. (That’s the caucus that Dario wants to join.) Yet, it tries to say that Ron is the misogynist. Pretty cheeky.

Oh, and there is one other thing: Dario Anselmo is an announced supporter of Donald Trump. So is Max Rymer, the Republican candidate in 49B, for that matter. The Donald, of course, has been in the news some over his treatment of women, up close and personal, so to speak.

Although some of you women out there probably are rocket scientists, it doesn’t take one to figure out who is better on women’s issues.

Update: Here is a letter that Rep. Erhardt prepared responding to the HRCC’s video smear ad:

Erhardt Letter Re Smear Video by Steve Timmer on Scribd

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