Fauci's answer is not acceptable (www.bbc.com).
by Steve Timmer
May 15, 2020, 4:30 PM

Not acceptable!

Infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci testified before a Senate committee on Tuesday and warned the senators of the dangers of lifting pandemic restrictions too soon. The president was predictably livid.

The president fumes with disquietation,
He cannot abide being opposed at all,
When faced with expert disputation,
He’s piteous, spittle-flecked aerosol.

Epidemiologist Fauci was measured and calm,
He spoke plain words to the senators gathered,
His message was a warning, not a balm,
Trump was left vexed and angered.

A leader who takes no counsel save his own,
Or a claque of dim-witted retainers,
Who speaks only with a smirk, a frown,
Exists because of shameless enablers.

Trump is yird swine, an eater of the dead,
All persons of integrity: Been fired or have fled.

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