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by Steve Timmer
May 17, 2020, 5:00 PM

On comments: more poetry at LeftMN

Eric Zaetsch, the proprietor of the blog Developers are Crabgrass, and correspondent with Dan and me here, has been reading the limericks, here and here; he sent an email with this yesterday:

Having Steve as my muse
Lit a limerick fuse
With clear expectation
Of getting a ration
Of disdainful hooting and boos

Clyburn brought the big tide in
For inept and clumsy Joe Biden
Who without much drama
Held tight to Obama
By coattails he wants to be ridin’

Joe Biden will be nominee
Which fits Wall Street wants to a tee
Ukraine pushed his butt out
With Hunter the cutout
A savior might be his VP

Trump tweets his silliness daily
His girth getting ever more whaley
If he had any sense
He’d dump pious Pence
In favor of Governor Haley

Netanyahu is very vexing
A truth that’s hardly perplexing
A reach for excitement
While facing indictment
Annexing, annexing, annexing

I find these utterly charming — maybe it’s a single epic limerick — partly, of course, because I have searched my memory and don’t think I’ve ever been called a muse before.

Then later, Eric sort of tossed these off, just for good measure. He has a knack for this.

Trump’s DC hotel has its day
Saudis bless it by choosing to stay
With all wives in tow
During rain, sun, or snow
Knowing Barr will not view things astray

Jason Lewis, a District 2 reject
Has views Timmer calls out as suspect
When Trump tweets anew
Jason chirps out, “Me too”
In hope of a government paycheck

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