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by Steve Timmer
Mar 1, 2013, 9:00 AM

On comments 3/1

Reader Nathaniel had a memory evoked (probably not the right word here) by the post about Teresa Collett’s Supreme Court brief:

I saw Theresa Collett testify at a MN legislative hearing on the topic of same-sex marriage several years ago. In the midst of her testimony, which included the usual hyperbole, she said something to the effect that we need to protect “traditional” marriage because there aren’t enough white babies being born. The audience, which included lots of GLBT people, tittered, whereupon the chair of the hearing (Mary Liz Holberg) banged her gavel angrily and ordered security to throw out any audience members who laughed. It was a lesson of what goes on in the legislature when Republicans are in charge.

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