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by Dan Burns
Nov 2, 2020, 4:30 PM

Why I’m not particularly worried about Election Night, or after

I know doom-and-gloom about Trump stealing the election, and mass violence, and so on, are dominating the progressive internet right now. But I just can’t bring myself to feel it.

Earlier today, one of the most right-wing federal judges in the country threw out an effort to disqualify a bunch of mostly Democratic votes. He even treated the plaintiffs to a measure of sneering contempt during the hearing. This is in fact part of a pattern. Despite what happened in Minnesota, for the most part, and contrary to what all of the despair junkies on the progressive left, bless their hearts, have to say, voting rights are mostly being upheld.

Why is that? If you ask me, it’s because of the key factor in really understanding this election:

The rich man wants Trump gone.

So, of course, does the military. And the “Deep State.” But it’s the thieving, parasitic plutocrats, who actually run this country or at the very least have the dominant say in how it’s run, who matter. The crude, repellent buffoon in the White House was their useful idiot, for a time, but from their perspective his “presidency” has long since started producing negative returns. And it’s not like they have any reason to freak out over the prospect of Biden in charge.

The strongest evidence for this, that most people can readily see for themselves, is what corporate media is doing this cycle. I’m certainly not suggesting that their coverage should be called “good.” But it is markedly different from what it was in 2016. At times they are even presenting that despicable cretin, whose only notable “achievement” in life is having reached old age without developing so much as one (1) single, solitary redeeming quality as a human being, as something like what he really is.

That’s why I think that efforts to have courts block vote-counting, and/or throw out votes, will be power-slammed backward in short order. It’s why I also think that the networks will call the election for Biden, fairly early tomorrow evening. Perhaps even earlier than their vaunted models say they should.

Courts throwing out votes, and violent unrest, and general strikes, and all that, would be very bad for business. I even strongly suspect that there’s a fail-safe in place. Namely, at the rich man’s behest, Trump’s cabinet is poised to remove him if he does something like try to get his “militias” into the streets to smash and crash and burn, and even kill.

I’ve been wrong many times, about a lot of things. We’ll see.

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