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by Dan Burns
May 30, 2022, 8:30 AM

MN Party of Trump gubernatorial candidate hates public schools

Dr. Scott Jensen was asked what he thinks about school spending. “Less money,” he replied. “I think it’s a black hole.”

The real problem that right-wingers have with public schools is that we are getting results. Among other things, they’re turning out young people who are knowledgeable and willing and able to reason from fact. Such people are too, in a word, intelligent, to buy into right-wing imbecile nonsense.


Also, from the same source:

“There’s a great myth in life that young people are liberal when they’re young and then they’re more conservative when they get older. And that’s actually not true,” says (NDN president Simon) Rosenberg. “Twenty years ago, 18 to 29-year-olds were 50/50 for Bush and Gore. It was dead even. There wasn’t a Democratic lean to young people in that era. And now, there’s sort of a substantial democratic lean in every election by between 10, 15 and then up to 35 points.”

He continues, “There’s been a structural shift where young people are much more Democratic than they used to be.”

This is obviously a matter of grave concern for the greedhead status quo in this country, and it is the fundamental reason for their continuing attacks on public education. Young voters certainly also realize that while Democrats are still far from perfect on the issues, they’re a much better bet.

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