The coveted Spotty (tm) - graphic by Tild
by Steve Timmer
Jun 8, 2022, 10:00 AM

Bill Karns with a Spotty ™

Minneapolis resident Bill Karns wins a Spotty™ for this letter to the editor in the Star Tribune today, June 8th. It is spot on, so to speak.

Matthew Yglesias argues that the vast majority of gun purchasers don’t commit mass shootings (“Getting tough on guns means getting tough on crime,” June 2). That’s beside the point: The vast majority of car travelers not wearing seat belts don’t get hurt. The vast majority of people driving drunk don’t get caught, don’t cause a crash and don’t injure or kill someone. The vast majority of unlocked houses are not entered by thieves or burglars.

We don’t make laws just because a vast majority of people are causing harm; we make laws intending to prevent the harm caused by only some.

Bill’s point seems entirely intuitive, but not apparently not to Yglesias.

Remember, a Spotty™ is awarded to the writer of an op-ed, letter to the editor, or blog post or comment that I wish I had written myself.

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Reader Mike comments:

I wonder if Matthew Yglesias would join a Russian Roulette league?

Most of the time the gun chamber is empty.

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