The coveted Spotty (tm) - graphic by Tild
by Steve Timmer
Oct 19, 2022, 9:30 AM

Dan Gregoire wins a Spotty!

Dan Gregoire win the coveted Spotty™ for this letter, supporting Keith Ellison, published in the Marshall Independent:

We have a major problem in America, and it is the excessive concentration of economic power and control held by major corporations. Whether that’s Monsanto, Cargill, or JBS (and others) in agriculture, or JP Morgan/Chase and Wells Fargo (and others) in finance, or the corporate-backed mega-farms that continue to expand around us. Their extreme level of market control impacts prices and even simple access to markets, land and credit. In health care prescription drugs, it affects who can afford needed medication and how much of a family’s budget it costs.

I’m mostly retired now, but I am writing to say this problem must be addressed, or our livelihoods as rural people and the health of our nation, will continue to be dragged down by corporate greed.

The person I see taking this problem on is Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith Ellison. I recently attended a meeting near Marshall where Ellison spoke and responded to questions from the crowd. It is clear to me, he’s on the side of the people. He sued the big companies who make a profit from opioids and won $300 million in settlements for our communities. He’s using antitrust law to rein in big ag corporations. And he’s pushing for more law enforcement funds for rural counties who need such funds for prosecution of serious crimes that are on the rise in our communities.

Ellison’s opponent, Jim Schultz, lacks experience in the courtroom or prosecution. In fact, he has never prosecuted a case of any kind. Schultz is a hedge fund lawyer. His “people” are corporations and wealthy investors. That’s who he protects. If elected, he will keep protecting major corporations, not the people of the state. In short, he’s not on our side, in my opinion.

I’m voting for Keith Ellison for attorney general and urge you to vote for him, too.

Dan Gregoire

Marshall, MN

Dan states the economic case for voting for Keith Ellison very well.

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