The United States Federal Prison in Tucson, Arizona (
by Dan Burns
Aug 26, 2023, 3:00 PM

Make Corrupt Clarence an offer he can’t refuse

OK, I’m not suggesting anything like this.

Rather, here’s how it would work. We know that United States Supreme Court “Justice” Clarence Thomas’s wife, Ginni, has engaged in a good deal of very apparent criminal activity in recent decades, presumably confident that as a right-wing SCOTUS member’s spouse she’s above the law. For example:

– She was directly involved in planning the actions of the cop-killing Trumper mob on 1-6.

– There’s clear evidence that she’s been taking bribes. Just like her husband.

There’s undoubtedly plenty more, but I’ve made my point.

So you get her tried, convicted, and sentenced. Then you make Clarence “the offer he can’t refuse:” his loving wife’s sentence will be commuted to time served if he retires from the court. Now.

Certainly I recognize the possibility that the pathologically narcissistic Thomas actually would let his wife rot in federal prison rather than give up his power. If you ask me that would be a chance well worth taking.

And I also recognize that this is in all likelihood just a pleasing fantasy. But it shouldn’t be.

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