A dust storm in Iowa (www.desmoinesregister.com).
by Dan Burns
Jul 3, 2024, 8:00 AM

The Chevron decision and Big Ag

Rather interesting, it was Republicans who actually instituted the Chevron doctrine that was recently booted by what has established itself in a remarkably short time as easily the most corrupt, shameless Supreme Court in U.S. history, featuring about as much respect for precedent, and for democracy, as Trump has for the truth. Back in the 1980s Republicans ran the administrative departments, so it was A-OK for them to make the calls. It’s only when Democrats started winning most of the elections that it amazingly transformed into being “unconstitutional.”

It’s an awful decision, but I actually think in practical terms it may not have that much effect. That’s because for quite a while now whenever an administrative decision doesn’t go their way all the Bigs, including Big Ag, scurry, shrieking, to the courts, hoping to draw a right-wing judge, which all-too-often they do. At the very least the likes of Big Ag can keep things hung up in the courts indefinitely as they continue to wreak their despicably exploitative environmental and climate havoc. None of that will change until we have substantial, progressive-led majorities in federal government.

The Chevron call doesn’t apply to states. Which means well-governed places like Minnesota can continue to do things reasonably, despite the hulking presence of Big Ag, though in very badly governed states like Iowa that won’t be the case until the electorate there gets its shit together.

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