Sylvia Schwartz wins a Spotty ™

February 20, 2022

Pointing our 1st Amendment muzzling in Minnesota law

Turning Christianity on its head

May 19, 2020

Get together and hug each at church didn’t work out so well

I really thought we had grown

April 5, 2019

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve found the journalists’ game of Buzkashi over the carcass of Mohamed Noor to be distressing and distasteful. The demand by journalists to see the disturbing and lurid body cam video as it is shown to the jury (and then undoubtedly reported and commented on while […]

What color are your herring, part two

May 28, 2018

Read part one here. You should, for context. According to the Lakeshore Weekly News, a couple of organizing groups want to stage a parade and rally in support of gun control measures in Excelsior to be held on July 14th. Not so fast, says Excelsior City Attorney Kevin Staunton. The city is worried about crowd […]

Brian, is there lint in that media navel?

September 22, 2016

He don’t need no stinkin’ badges

Are we marching to anywhere?

January 13, 2015

[See the updates below] Since this is a mostly-Minnesota website, and since I am a little conflicted about the meaning of the whole thing myself, I hadn’t planned to write about the massacre in Paris (because that it was it was) and the follow-up shooting at a kosher market that took additional lives (that was also […]

Angela Berger actually wrote

April 5, 2013

While the sirens of the Speech Police wailed in the background

Counsel, you didn’t plead a cognizable claim II

August 21, 2012

And sometimes, it isn’t about you

Counsel, you didn’t plead a cognizable claim

August 19, 2012

Let’s pretend I did