Sulfate-impaired water everywhere

November 10, 2021

But the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency just noticed it

On attempts to sell clean water down the river

February 25, 2020

We don’t need no stinkin’ sulfide mine

The incomplete evolution of Lee Schafer

February 1, 2020

Strolling down PolyMet Avenue with Lee

When a mining company shuffles off its mortal coil

January 21, 2016

Who is left behind to mourn?

What color is your hat?

December 12, 2015

You only get to wear one color

Stop PolyMet! – the rally

October 20, 2015

There was a sizable rally last week in St. Paul to deliver a simple message to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: Stop PolyMet’s sulfide mine. It started on what is known as Railroad Island with music and speakers and then the attendees marched to the DNR Headquarters. The event was headlined by activist and […]

Another abandoned sulfide rock mine spill

August 6, 2015

But not to worry, all the aquatic life was already killed a long time ago

Forever is a really long time

August 11, 2014

It’s even longer than 500 years

Those darn kids are just in over their heads

June 6, 2014

And kids, get off our damn lawn

Dr. Pangloss goes to work for PolyMet

March 14, 2014

And he’s been lecturing the media

Cyanide: it’s not just for murder anymore!

October 26, 2013

How about that heap leaching, eh?