StarTribune goes full-on “Nancy Grace”

October 16, 2023

Yanking away at those heartstrings

Scribners 1880 Popular Vote

The Weekly Wrap 11-17

November 17, 2013

♣ The big story that dropped in last Sunday’s edition of the StarTribune was that the electronic campaign finance records curated by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board were riddled with errors: About 7,000 records of donations between Minnesota groups are incorrect — an error rate of about one in seven. Electronic records […]

Don Samuels

StarTribune polls the Minneapolis Mayoral race, finds no one breaking 20%

September 16, 2013

The StarTribune released a poll of the Minneapolis Mayoral race that shows the following: Pulse Opinion Research (9/15, no trend lines): 1st Choice – Minneapolis Mayor Dan Cohen (I) 16 Don Samuels (DFL) 16 Stephanie Woodruff (DFL) 5 Cam Winton (I) 9 Jackie Cherryhomes (DFL) 7 Bob Fine (DFL) 1 Betsy Hodges (DFL) 14 Mark Andrew […]

Al Franken

Al Franken maintains strong approvals

June 24, 2013

While they are not quite Klobacharian, Al Franken continues to sport enviable approval numbers with Minnesota voters. Mason-Dixon (6/18, 9/23/12 in parenthesis): Do you approve or disapprove of Al Franken’s job performance as U.S. Senator? Approve 55 (52) Disapprove 29 (40) Undecided 16 (8) (MoE: ±3.5%) The numbers in the parenthesis above, the numbers from September, are not the numbers cited […]

Gov. Mark Dayton

Mark Dayton rebounds

June 19, 2013

With the legislative session over, things get back to normal

Gov. Mark Dayton

The Minnesota Poll, Dayton sees approval drop

March 12, 2013

In yet another installment of their multi-part Minnesota Poll, the StarTribune, along with their polling partners Mason-Dixon, tested Governor Mark Dayton’s job approvals. After a whole series of issue questions, these are the first horse-racey questions they’ve released, so let’s take a look. Mason-Dixon (3/10, 9/23/12 in parenthesis): Do you approve or disapprove of Mark […]

Marriage Equality Rally

The Minnesota Poll, here we go again

March 6, 2013

I spent a good portion of my last post on the Minnesota Poll discussing the issue of question wording and how it can effect the results of polls. This post will be similar. Mason-Dixon (3/5, no trend lines): Minnesota state law currently bans same-sex marriage. Do you think the state Legislature should or should not […]

Gov. Mark Dayton

The Minnesota Poll, back in action

March 4, 2013

The Minnesota Poll, sponsored by the StarTribune and since last cycle conducted by Mason-Dixon, was released over the weekend. It’s been almost a month since we’ve had new public polling data concerning Minnesota, so let’s get right to it. Mason-Dixon (3/2, no trend lines): Do you support or oppose applying a lowered sales tax rate to […]

Obama Klobuchar Franken

Obama leads Romney in Minnesota says two new polls

October 31, 2012

Well, newish at least

Vote NO on both Amendments

Minnesota Poll shows Marriage Amendment tied

October 29, 2012

And the Photo Voter ID amendment passing

Rick Nolan

Two new polls show Michele Bachmann and Rick Nolan ahead

October 23, 2012

New polls of Minnesota’s sixth and eighth congressional district races were released by the StarTribune Monday morning. For these survey’s they are utilizing the services of Pulse Opinion Research, a subsidiary of well known pollster Rasmussen. Pulse Opinion Research (10/22, no trend lines): Chip Cravaack (R-inc) 43 Rick Nolan (D) 50 Undecided 7 (MoE: ±3%) […]

Erik Simonson

The Weekly Wrap 9-30

September 30, 2012

It was a good week for Minnesota Democrats. The Minnesota Supreme Court let them switch candidates in Duluth, and some excellent poll numbers came out