Rangers ride the Bomb – A reprise

September 1, 2021

When Rangers play investment bankers

Mining fun with numbers! – A reprise

August 31, 2021

Do you want to hear about the Doug Fund?

Minnesota Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk has one priority for 2021: Gerrymandering Minnesota

January 16, 2019

This is a paragraph from a recent J.Patrick Coolican piece in the StarTribune: Indeed, at a Chamber of Commerce dinner last week, Bakk said redistricting is his reason for running for re-election in 2020. This must sound strange to a layman’s ears, who might guess that a lawmaker would want to craft education or health […]

Drinking Liberally talks politics

October 8, 2016

Well, even more than usual

The dog in the manger

August 21, 2016

And the guy who wants to bunk in with him

“Nobody wants to talk about the good things it does”

March 22, 2016

Good things like this, eh, Ruk?

“It’s a giant money suckhole”

March 19, 2016

Probing the IRRRB

Rebecca Otto

Disappearing the Auditor

February 7, 2016

A long time ago — not that long, really, now that I think about it — an effort was mounted to make a statewide elected official sleep with the fishes. You might say that it was a situation analogous to the one that State Auditor Rebecca Otto finds herself in at the moment. You might say that, […]

Aaron Brown is at the end of his rope

June 20, 2015

Aaron Brown, the Range Raconteur, has been required reading for anybody who is interested in an insider’s view of the Iron Range, one that differs from the fried tripe you get from, say, Bill Hanna. Reading Aaron’s reactions to the increasingly grisly political news emanating from the Iron Range has been especially interesting. His discomfort […]

Governance in the Dismal Swamp

June 17, 2015

In recent months, controversy has swirled around the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board (the “IRRRB”) and the people who populate and control it: Iron Range legislators. There was another story by investigative reporter Jennifer Bjorhus in the Star Tribune on Sunday, June 14th – another eyebrow raiser – involving IRRRB loans to a Mountain […]

The Separation of Powers

June 10, 2015

Is on everyone’s lips

Minnesota State Capitol

Working hard for the money

March 23, 2015

Although it has kind of died down now, there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth at the Legislature over the salary increases given by Governor Mark Dayton to his Commissioners, first by the House Republicans and their leader, Speaker Kurt Daudt, followed shortly thereafter by DFL Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, who persuaded […]