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by Steve Timmer
Dec 17, 2011, 12:00 PM

The Republican Very Light Comic Opera Company presents

The opera buffa L’amante (The Paramour)

In this opening scene, the faithless soprano Ginerva sings of her love for the tenor il Vacario — the Deputy — Fredo, who receives the message warmly. In the final stanza of the aria, Il mio amore per te, however, Ginerva reveals that her love is really for the bass, the dark stranger in the back of the hall, Luca Brasi.

Upon hearing this news, il Vacario departs, vowing dark revenge. As he exits, he sings music reminiscent of one of Handel’s most gorgeous arias, Scherza infida.

Later in the opera, il Vacario returns with vassals loyal to him, denoucing Ginerva in the chorus Lei è nient’altro che una troia.

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The production features heartfelt performances all around. Bravo.

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