Cal's big problem. By Avidor.
by Steve Timmer
Apr 18, 2012, 8:50 PM

Ring, Ring, Ring


Is this Dayle Nolan?


Good. I saw you at the Capitol and at the recent hearing on the Geoff Michel ethics complaint; I tried to catch up to you and get an update on the Brodkorb case.

Dayle Nolan

Oh, hi, Cal; I didn’t recognize your voice!

I’m not Cal Ludeman, but I am a client.

Who is this?

Tom Bakk.

You’re the um, um . . . 

Minority Leader in the Minnesota Senate.

That’s not who I was thinking.

But that’s who I am.

Oh, yes, I remember now; Cal told me not to talk to you.

He did, did he? Did he tell you why?

Not exactly, but he did say that you were a really bad man.

Good old Cal. But enough of the chit chat; tell me what’s going on the Brodkorb matter.

Oh, I mustn’t!

Who are you representing?

Well, the Minnesota Senate, of course!

And I’m a senator, and Cal is not. Right?


Doesn’t it seem a little odd to you that he is telling you not to talk to me?

Could you repeat the question?

Doesn’t it seem a little odd to you that he is telling you not to talk to me?

Well, yes, but Cal’s the one who sends me money.

If I sent you money, would you talk to me?

Well . . .

Never mind. At the hearing on the ethics complaint, I saw you huddled with Sen. Fischbach, Sen. Ingebritson, and Sen. Michel. Are they your clients?

Yes and no.

They don’t send you money, either, do they?


Will you tell me what you told them?

Oh, I mustn’t! They are clients after all! I think.

And I am not?

Can I get back to you on that?

I’d rather you just told me now.

Gosh, I feel so conflicted! I’m going to have to call you back! Bye Sen. Bakk!


The Nolan photo is from the Larkin, Hoffman website.

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