Cartoon by Ken Avidor
by Steve Timmer
Jun 14, 2012, 12:30 PM

The Bluebird of Happiness

Not pictured here

The legal bills are piling up. The Minnesota Senate has yet to digest — that is, pay — the first bill for representation opposing Michael Brodkorb’s claim for compensation for wrongful termination and defamation, and now a second one is about arrive, according to a story in MinnPost.

Cal Ludeman apparently shoved a check for forty-six thousand dollars and change under Tom Bakk’s nose saying, “Here, just sign this,” and Bakk replied, in essence, “Who’s Dayle Nolan?”

DFL Minority Leader Tom Bakk, who, along with Republican majority leader Dave Senjem, must sign the check, is responsible for the delayed payment on the first bill.

“I will not sign off on this bill until there is a meeting of the rules committee,” he said again Wednesday.  The rules committee has jurisdiction over the Senate’s internal management.

A rules committee hearing would be the first — the very first — public airing of the Senate’s retention of counsel, and probably the first chance for the DFL minority to find out anything about it.

One great question for Tom to ask, “Is there a bottom to this pit?”

The answer is sadly, no, but it would be fun to hear the Republican say it.

Update: The Senate Rules Committee will meet on Wednesday, June 20th to “approve” the payment of the bill. Who is the chair of the committee? Dave Senjem. We’ll see how many questions he takes.

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