Cement overshoes | source unknown
by Steve Timmer
Dec 13, 2012, 7:30 PM

Dave Senjem: “We need some cement around our heels”

Dave and Luca sleep with the fishes

As the senators lined up for their latest blood donation in L’affaire Brodkorb — $90,000 this time — outgoing chair of the Rules Committee and Majority Leader Dave Senjem remarked that it was time for the Senate to dig in its heels and put some cement around them. (Go and read the story at the link if you don’t believe me.)

No, Dave, you and Cal already did that.

From the Department of Inapt Metaphors, this bit of completely unintended irony will stand as the epitaph of Senjem’s leadership of the Senate, and two years of Republican majority ineptitude, too.

Interestingly, not among those quoted as being in for a penny, in for a pound was Tom Bakk, the incoming Majority Leader. Bakk recognizes, or should, that Michael Brodkorb and Amy Koch are presently Republican problems, but will cease to be the longer the case drags out.

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