Kurt Zellers as Hamlet: Alas, poor Morrie, I knew him well | Avidor cartoon
by Steve Timmer
May 11, 2012, 10:37 PM

They come to bury Kurt, not to praise him

The minor prophets have spoken: Kurt Zellers is a stinkin’ kid, a stinkin’ eighth-grader, a stinkin’ clown. And besides that, they don’t like him very much.

He’s none of these things guys; he’s the Prince of Maple Grove.

It would be difficult — impossible, I think — to write a better parody of right wing radio guys than these two. They are genuises. In their own way, of course.

But it is amazing that Bradlee and Jake can raise even in me an urge, albeit a small one, to defend Kurt Zellers.

Thanks to Ken Avidor for pulling this specific dreck out of the general dreck of Bradlee and Jakes’s in-the-ether babblings.

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