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by Steve Timmer
Nov 17, 2012, 7:00 PM

Bradlee’s Littlest Army

Turning children into spambots for Jesus

Every time you thought that Bradlee Dean’s shenanigans couldn’t possibly sink any lower, and that there was no way he could further besmirch the good name of Jesus, he proves you wrong.

Bradlee’s latest scheme is to turn kids — anybody who is at least thirteen years old and has a Facebook account — into spambots for his special brand of Christ and Constitution: Gideon’s Media Army:

You must be a practicing Christian, at least 13 years old, have a Facebook page, and be able to help You Can Run, International on a volunteer basis, from wherever you can get an internet connection. You must have a minimum [of] computer know-how, such as how to copy and paste a “URL,” or website address, into a Facebook post.

Meaning, among other things, that you won’t get paid for flogging your Facebook friends for Bradlee’s grifter enterprise.

Bradlee says that you will receive email messages throughout the week — and maybe you’ll get a special decoder ring — for you to push out to your friends.

Copy and paste for Jesus!

This is genius, because most people have already blocked Bradlee Dean directly.

Thanks to Ken Avidor for the link.

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