"This is the super-secret hand sign; only tell other true believers!" (jezebel.com).
by Steve Timmer
May 30, 2013, 12:00 PM

The Imprecatory Prayer Hour

The cutline says that Michele is offering the “super-secret hand sign.” But really, I think she is putting a hex on Barack Obama.

This suggests the perfect new gig for her after she leaves Congress: “The Imprecatory Prayer Hour.”

Whether it’s her “Hot for Jesus” speech at Mac Hammond’s megachurch, her breathless twenty minute endorsement of Bradlee Dean in the form of a prayer at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis, or her direct two-way conversations with Jesus while being chauffeured from event to event in a campaign, it is clear that Michele has the “pew cred” to pull this off.

And why not? She’d make a much better televangelist than a policy wonk [snort]. Nobody would bother to fact check her. Couldn’t. That’s the beauty of it. She could have Pat Robertson and maybe even the ghost of Jerry Falwell on as guests. There is a whole host of others, too, who could come on the show, and Michele and the guest would team to entreat the Almighty to smite somebody: Muslims, the IRS, Andy Parrish, who knows?

It would be electric. So long as Michele remembers to look at the camera.

A show like this could also make great use of Michele’s talent for dunning the gullible for money. Send in your imprecatory prayer request and fifty dollars, and we’ll beg the Lord to off whoever is bothering you.

It’s perfect.

Update: Michele could probably get Bradlee Dean as technical adviser, or maybe even co-host, although Jake would be bummed.

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