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by Steve Timmer
Jun 19, 2012, 5:30 PM

Check back, John and Harry, when somebody tries to shove the Pill down your throat

The best part is when they accuse Susan Hogan of playing the victim card

Several days ago, Strib editorial member Susan Hogan penned an op-ed saying that Catholic Church had a lotta damn nerve braying about religious liberty (on things like contraception coverage and its stance on gay marriage) when it seemed and seems incapable of an honest reckoning in the clergy child abuse scandal that has rocked the world-wide church. Well, I paraphrase.

Irrelevant! thunder Archbishop John Nienstedt and his predecessor, Harry Flynn.  They’re entirely separate things. You wish, guys. When the same person, the pope, who issues the edicts that everybody — even people who aren’t Catholics — is supposed to obey is the same person who is up to his eyeballs in the cover-up of world-wide pederasty, it’s bound to have an effect — and a legitimate one, at that — on how seriously he’s taken.

The archbishops even acknowledge that:

The bishops of this country and around the world understand that the sex abuse crisis has undermined the credibility of the Church’s witness and moral authority in the public square. But to replay this misconduct every time the Church raises its voice in an attempt to obfuscate is not an argument, and does no justice to our political discourse.

 But it’s so unfair when you throw that in our faces when we’re trying to impose other forms of authoritarianism (because that is what child abuse is: control) on the American people.

And they say this while completely oblivious to the irony.

They want to deny contraception coverage to women who want it (including the overwhelming majority of Catholic women) and to deny the sacrament of marriage to clergy who would perform it and to gays and lesbians who would receive it, not to mention limit the civil contract of marriage in the face of overwhelming — there’s that word, again — social science research that gives the lie to their bigotry.

And they call it freedom. Get a grip, guys.

Susan Hogan went easy on them.

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