Frank Schubert is not impressed with himself
by Steve Timmer
Nov 7, 2012, 12:30 PM

Minnesota sends surfer dude Frank Schubert packing

Here’s Frank on the Minnesota For Marriage campaign, which took a shot below the waterline yesterday:

“We have run a very strategic, disciplined campaign,” said Frank Schubert, campaign manager for Minnesota for Marriage. “Our work has not been about Minnesotans United and responding to their antics. We haven’t encouraged a lot of public debates. We haven’t gone tit for tat with them in the media.”

Schubert, a California public relations consultant who started a new business focusing on social issues, also is running the pro-traditional marriage campaigns in Maine, Maryland and Washington.

Yessir, Frank, casting away Cheerios in disfavor, and staging the Tableau of Hate on the steps of the Capitol were not stunts, not stunts at all.

Not everyone in Minnesota knew about the campaigns in Maine, Maryland and Washington. And jeepers, it wasn’t a good night for ‘ol Frank anywhere. Maine and Maryland approved gay marriage, and Washington is poised to do so. Frank’s business model is going to need some rethinking.

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