Sen. Julianne Ortman (
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Aug 6, 2013, 9:25 AM

Ortman’s long position on equality

The year was 2011. Our one shot at lobbying Sen. Ortman was a rapid walk from the Senate chambers to committee meeting. She assured us she would not support the marriage definition amendment. We, my wife and I, thanked her for her stated intent to support equality.

Indeed in committee she did vote NO to the marriage definition amendment bill. Log Cabin Republicans regaled her. They mistakenly seemed to think she was supportive of equality. Hindsight suggests she had her focus on pushing other elements of the GOP agenda and saw the equality issue as a mere distraction to attaining those goals.

When the bill came to the Senate floor her vote was YES in support of the amendment. A non-support vote for equality.

Her web site removed this 2012 letter (cached copy provided) from none other than the great prevaricator on the marriage issue Warren Limmer.

She was there at the podium with the other dark lords to convey their dissatisfaction with SOS Ritchie meddling with their bill title. They wanted some doggone judicial activism, the very thing they hoped to deny other Minnesotans. Legal redress is good for the GOP, but legal redress for the LGBT community had to be constitutionally removed. No cognizance of the goose and gander axiom I guess.

Then, again in committee in 2013, Ortman votes NO to equality in contrast to her committee vote 24 months earlier to keep it out of the electorate’s hands.

When the pro marriage bill came to the Senate floor in 2013 she again voted NO. Still not liking equality.

The MN Senate 2013 Marriage Equality vote board

The reader can judge for themselves if Ken Martin’s quote about Ortman’s run against Franken will have any traction with Minnesotans. Best to make that decision while filling out the check for one’s property taxes.

You’ll find her voting record here.

It is said that the American political paradigm is “stern father, loving mother”. Ortman wants to take the entire government to the woodshed for a good whoopin’. She wants to do that as a U.S. Senator. Does MN want a Senator that thinks some folks don’t deserve all three branches of government?

This ain’t your momma running for office.

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