Better shot than Cheney? (
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Mar 9, 2014, 8:49 PM

Why always the threatening imagery GOP?

Time and time again we see these GOP types making threatening gestures. Here’s the U.S. Senate minority leader doing the “Look at me I have a gun!” pose you might see a child portray.

Below is another rather juvenile threat from one of the Tea Party types. Exactly who does he intend to shoot with his gun when he does come armed? Does he see boogie men? Does he check under his bed at night? Just how paranoid is this type of individual? Is he related to Putin? Is he related to Cheney?

Threatening behavior is the hallmark of a bully.

And I guess that explains why all the resistance to anti-bullying legislation comes from the right wing. They thrive on the ability to make threats. And nothing backs up a threat like a firearm.

Psychologists and psychiatrists must just cringe to see this type of psychological imbalance run so rampant.

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