What did you say? | Steve Timmer photo
by Jeff Wilfahrt
Mar 5, 2014, 8:00 AM

You didn’t just say something that vacuous Hann, really, did you?

At the Capitol on Monday, March 3rd, 2014, at the rally in support of a robust anti-bullying bill, Sen. David Hann argued the most incredible thing, the thought product of a vacuous mind.

As he peeked from behind a column at the rotunda, I called out to Hann to just go away; he didn’t support the bill and he wasn’t about to change the mind of the supporters who were present. Yet he slunk out from his hidey hole (think Bachmann in the bushes years ago) and turned on his Republican blather spigot.

And among the inanity he blurted out was a line about the bill not stopping bullying, so it is pointless. He even went on to imply the local school boards have handled this stuff admirably.

Well, Sen. Hann, then let us get rid of weights and measures and leave it to the local authorities to see to it a gallon is a gallon and a pound is pound the world around. In fact let us remove all law related to larceny and let us purge ourselves of law related to crime of any sort since, as you so state, bills will not stop any of these things.

Even those ten commandments have stopped nothing Sen. Hann, so let us ditch those as well.

Vacuous doesn’t begin to cover it with this man.

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