Misattributed quote
by Jeff Wilfahrt
May 8, 2014, 9:00 AM

Remind yourself daily where the Roberts court is headed

Sinclair Lewis never actually said that but he should have. Or someone should have.

In light of the latest Supreme Court ruling on prayer this misattributed quote should scare anyone who actually believes in the separation of the state from any church or for that matter any spiritual position.

Some might argue that fascism is a dated term on the globe, that it has been supplanted by the term Americanism. It’d be hard to argue their point, particularly if they are foreign and in a position to see us from the outside.

On a day to day basis the evangelical right scares this American more than any Islamic threat.

The creep from the right, insidious yes, dreaded yes and most of all profoundly un-American in spirit.

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