by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jun 26, 2014, 9:24 AM

If you had the Kochs’ money…

Here’s some bubble gum for your mind.

Assume for a minute you had the kind of financial resource the Kochs have at their disposal.

Would you put it to work the way Gates has? Going after education and disease globally?

Would you work to alleviate college loan debt or spend it on some DC lobbying?

Would you move about in private planes, host expansive meetings where you take over entire estates, block out the press, and spend hundreds of millions to control the national politics?

Would you spend tons of dough blocking environmental regulations?

Would you hire someone to pull up your own zipper after urinating?

Why wouldn’t you just buy up some big place, say Texas or Oklahoma (oh ya’, they have earthquakes now from the fracking so cross OK off the list) so how about Wyoming with a National Park?

Then you could invite all the like minded to join you there, hell, you’d have enough money to fence it all in. Which begs the question, “Are the gated communities intended to keep people in or out?”

Better yet, since your wealth is superior to many many nations on the planet just buy one of those, take it over, set up some offshore banking for the benefit of your monied friends back in the states, you know, like Mitt stashing money offshore sort of thing.

Somehow the benefit of the general public, okay the other 90 plus percent, doesn’t seem to be what the Kochs are doing with their money. It’s pretty clear they don’t like union wages so their interest isn’t in whether the demand side of the old economic supply and demand equation is met. In fact it would seem we wouldn’t  be able to afford their petroleum products if this all shakes out their way. Supply side wins short term, fails long term.

So what are the Kochs’ aims in all of this spending? What would your aims be?

What are they doing with all that wealth but validating the old P.T. Barnum adage by dragging in the suckers?

Do you think they have the American experience most of us have or can that be bought too?

Would you try and buy the entire political system and if so to what end?

Would you spend on people who’d rather shut down the government than concede to any compromise?

Would you pay taxes at the same rate at the proverbial little guy instead of what Buffet’s secretary’s or your own rate?

So if you had the Kochs’ money, just what would you do with it?

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