by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jul 30, 2014, 8:01 PM

The welshers dominate the right

Time to dust off the term welsher. That’s the person or party that fails to honor past commitments.

Sometime in the past elected officials and corporate executives agreed to pensions. It may have been before the reader came of the age and could vote.

But the obligations were made and the bills are coming due.

Blame who you will but the debt is there.

And now that the chits are hitting the table who is it that is grousing about the bill? Who wants to welsh?

It’s bigger than just pensions. It’s also things like the VA. It’s two unfunded conflicts.

So who’s complaining the most about picking up the tab?

The barking seems predominantly from the right. That would be the Republicans generally speaking. They claim they made the money the American way. They forget their wealth was acquired under those pension and benefit negotiations.

Having outsourced American jobs, thereby diminishing payments into pension funds, past pension obligations are underfunded.

Recall that the “death tax” arguments of the ’90s allowed more financial leakage from the intergenerational transfer of wealth. Bill Clinton, our most moderate Republican President in the guise of Democrat, and Newt Gingrich led the outsourcing to higher levels than even Reagan anticipated.

Tax policy is heavily tilted towards the rich. Most of whom acquired their wealth through the labor that bargained for these pensions. Tax advantages cut off the revenue stream that should be throwing some money on the table to pay the bills.

The youth of America will hopefully find leadership up and down the ticket who will repeal and amend these flaws. It will be a hell of fight if they go after that cause.

All the anti-union legislation often called Right To Work [for Less] is merely the tip of an iceberg. There is so much more unseen that is occurring.

Age festers cynicism for most. Hope springs eternal in the young. As the successfully wealthy boomers move closer to expiring they have become greedy. They have forgotten the promises made in their youth when they too were hopeful.

The money is out there; apparently a lot of it offshore now. In example, by sleight of Federal tax law, Medtronic can declare themselves Irish and renege on U.S. social commitments. No obligation to the men and women who stood in the hot sun paving roads. They breathing the benzene coming off the pavements across which Medtronic moves its employees and goods. But that is just one example, there are so many more.

So in the end who is doing the caterwauling? Isn’t it the folks with the big money promoting Republican austerity at every turn?

A person hears all this Republican jive about free markets, that the wealthy earned it the American way, and blah, blah, blah.

What they won’t address is they now want to welsh on the commitments made in the past.

Most likely all the Koch PAC money is a fraction of taxation they should be paying. They are probably getting off cheap buying propaganda instead.

The wealthy orders the caviar, the rest order the burger, but we can split the bill right?

The welshers are mostly on the right.

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