by Jeff Wilfahrt
Jul 31, 2014, 7:05 AM

John Kline not too busy – has time to sue Executive branch

Down here in MN CD2 it appears John Kline has time on his hands. Not remarkable in and of itself since the entire Congressional House has time to vote 50 ACA retractions while moving the lousiest Congressional record in history forward.

But Kline has enough time on his hands to throw in with the rest of the GOP sheep and vote to sue the President.

He could be working on the private mis-appropriated funds in the educational mess he’s helped produce. But no, not enough time for that.

He could be sorting out the veteran issues, but no time for that either.

CD2 gets no pork. No time to work on local needs, gotta’ go vote to repeal ACA.

So far as can be told Kline has spent his life on the big government tit, the government he wants to shrink, the one that has issued him a lifetime of paychecks. To some of us taxpayers Kline is “the government waste” we need to eliminate.

Kline must have time on his hands. Instead of working for his electorate he is loafing. Spending his time voting on things that will facilitate no CD2 benefit.

Hate to see what idle hands will get up to when the hours weigh so heavy.

So imagine for a moment you are one of the hallowed job creators.

Would you hire a guy and keep him on when he just loafs on the job, goes through some motions of doing the job as described and in the end says his employer sucks?

He’s an “at will” employee of the CD2 citizens. Fire his ass, he’s loafing on the job.

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