Bomb falls on Gaza (
by Steve Timmer
Aug 2, 2014, 11:00 AM

Gaza: The Final Solution IV

You can read the prior installments in the series here. For an uncropped version of the image above, which you should really see, go and read the UK Mirror’s site.

Here’s an email I sent to the White House Friday evening:

Dear President Obama,

 I am sorry that you are sad because of all the dead people, especially the kids, in Gaza. This must weigh on you, especially as your administration approves the sale (gift?) of more munitions to Israel. I guess the hard-pressed Israelis have just about run out of bullets to shoot civilians, especially children, who present small targets and move pretty fast.

 But I say, let not your heart be troubled. It isn’t as though you, the leader of the United States – Israel’s principal ally and sugar daddy – can do anything about it. The truculent Bibi will have his way, and who are you to oppose him?

 We all know that a “two state solution” is a laugher. All the colonists – sorry, settlers – from Cleveland and Brooklyn and places like that make that impossible. God gave them the deed, and they aren’t going anywhere. We might as well recognize the fact that the Palestinians are all going to wind up dead, anyway, in the long run. In a way, it is cruel to prolong their suffering; it’s sort of like a cat playing with a mouse.

 The only possible end game is a one state solution in Greater Palestine. I am sure you know that. I am sure you also know that it is vitally important to reduce, or preferably eliminate, the Palestinian population before that happens. The Israelis have been working on that since 1948 or so, and they got a big boost in 1967; it would be a shame to let the enthusiasm flag now, just as the goal seems within reach.

 Please, don’t let all those dead Palestinian children haunt your dreams. The Third Temple and the End Times are at stake. You can ask Michele Bachmann about this. She can fill you in.

 And it isn’t as though the Palestinians have any friends. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and especially Egypt, have told the Palestinians to go pound sand. Why should we worry? Our biggest problem is the ASPCA, who will be in high dudgeon about all the donkeys that were killed.

 People are tired of all this Israel/Palestine, Palestine/Israel crap, Mr. President. Let nature take its course. We’ll all be better [off] for it.

With warm regards, Steve Timmer

 I hope you all detected a note of bitterness. But, really, this is what we’re doing.

The United States cannot claim to be trying to broker a truce on the one hand, and sell or give more munitions, like that little fellow falling from the sky in the photo, to one of the parties on the other. And John Kerry and Barack Obama moan how little leverage they have over the situation.

The Israelis know we’ll support them whatever they do, and we’ve given the Gazans plenty of reasons to distrust us. The President’s recent presser on the collapse of the latest truce was just sick Kabuki theater.

Early on in the current dust up, the Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset said that it was time to clear the Palestinians out of Gaza and repopulate it with Jews.


An opinion writer in the Jerusalem Post says: Gaza’s gotta go.

And stunningly, an opinion writer in the Times of Israel openly uses the “G” word as a solution.

Gaza has been besieged for years. Israel has bombed its only power station, twice now. It bombed its only airport. Gaza is blockaded from air, land, and sea. It built tunnels.

If this doesn’t all make you think of the Warsaw Ghetto, you aren’t paying attention. They built tunnels out of Warsaw Ghetto, too; you knew that, didn’t you?

And if “resettling” Gazans, as the Jerusalem Post writer, and the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset also, advocate, doesn’t make you think of earlier scenes of families waiting with suitcases to board freight cars, it’s another case of inattention on your part.

Where would they be resettled? The West Bank? God, that’s funny.

The thing that I find the most astonishing is that a people who are single-mindedly dedicated to remembering the Holocaust® — I use the encircled “R” because they protect it like a trademark — are so oblivious to the situation they’ve created in their backyard.

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