State Auditor Rebecca Otto (
by Steve Timmer
Sep 22, 2014, 11:30 AM

Rebecca Otto at Drinking Liberally

Drinking Liberally is pleased to announce that State Auditor Rebecca Otto is our guest this week. Rebecca is a two-term incumbent who is standing for office in November. As most of you know, she handily defeated her primary challenger, Matt Entenza, last month.

Rebecca Otto is a national leader among auditors:

In 2014, the Institute of Internal Auditors’ American Center for Government Auditing named Rebecca Otto one of the fifteen most influential professionals in government auditing at all levels. The 180,000-member worldwide auditors’ association identified professionals who showed “the courage and integrity necessary to face difficult situations; and a willingness to call out opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness in government operations, even when doing so may not be popular or may incur strong opposition from those in power.”

Drinking Liberally meets at the 331 Club in Minneapolis. We start getting together at six PM, and our programs usually start at 7 PM. That’s when State Auditor Otto will speak. She’ll also take questions from the audience.

There will be a good crowd, so come early and have something to eat and drink, and share some good political conversation.

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