The pilot boards his plane (
by Steve Timmer
Oct 27, 2017, 10:00 AM

No Spotty ™ for you!

The letter of the day today in the Strib was a doozy, accompanied by a photo of Donald Trump waving as he boards Air Force One. Here it is:

There is an old saying: “When you are on a plane, root for the pilot.” Good advice for the members of Congress, the media in general and the stream of Trump haters such as those letter writers in the Oct. 26 Star Tribune (“Honor and dishonor”). You may not like the pilot because of his or her religion, race or gender; you may think he or she is an uncaring, unfeeling egotist or a self-centered, loud boaster. Regardless, you root for the pilot because he is the one flying the plane, and you need the plane to land safely.

Ronald Haskvitz, St. Louis Park

Great advice, unless you recognize that the pilot is a terrorist who wants to crash the plane into the side of a mountain. In that case, doing something is the better course of action.

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