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by Dan Burns
Oct 12, 2019, 6:30 AM

Minnesota corporate media’s infuriating Omar/Trump double standard, Part 2

Trump actually came to Minnesota to try to prove that he’s not frightened and intimidated by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Which is utter bullshit; nothing terrifies Trump and his ilk more than someone like Rep. Omar. Always has, always will.

Do the people who call the shots for corporate media (CM) not know that? Or do they know it, and just don’t say it, for whatever reason(s)? I would guess, most likely some of both, varying among individuals. But does it really matter?

That is, in practical terms, the result is the same. Obviously a lot of factors have gone into producing a system so degraded and corrupt that Donald Trump could get into the White House. But the #1 factor, in 2016, was the abject, twisted behavior of corporate “news” media, blithely passing over the Republican candidate being a pathological liar, serial sexual predator, infinite corruption machine, and general all-around sad, sorry failure as a human being, in favor of literally inventing “scandals” about the Democrat.

And these days, Trump has made clear that a main thrust of his 2020 campaign propaganda will be to attack media for supposedly being biased against him (yes, he and his diehards really are that detached from reality), and yet thus far he continues to be coddled and enabled. I watched a couple of metro CM broadcasts yesterday (channels 5 and 4, to be precise), and their coverage of his hate/bigotry/delusion-fest was nearly all positive.

I’m calling this Part 2 of a previous item because I forgot to make a key point there. For a long time I thought that CM’s behavior was primarily about fear of losing their own older, right-wing base – that is, the same as the Republican Party’s – and that helping keep right-wingers in power was secondary. I now think that it’s the other way around, and that they really are, first and foremost, conscious, deliberate right-wing propaganda. What we’re seeing and hearing is just too fucking obvious.

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