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by Steve Timmer
Jul 22, 2023, 9:30 PM

Beauty is in the eye of the sycophant beholder

The headline of an op-ed column in the Star Tribune:

No one wants Trump vs. Biden II. No one can stop it.

Despite a headline sounding more-or-less evenhanded, the piece is a smear of Joe Biden. It is worth quoting the lede paragraphs of this histrionic, pearl-clutching babble fest by Pamela Paul of the New York Times, reprinted in the Star Tribune’s paper edition on July 21st.

Have you met anyone truly excited about Joe Biden running for re-election?

I mean downright Obama-circa-2008 energized — brimming with enthusiasm about what four more years of Biden would bring to our body politic, our economy, our national mood, our culture?

Let’s be more realistic. Is there a single one among us who can muster even a quiet “Yay!”? And no, we’re not counting the guy who sounds like he’s performing elaborate mental dance moves to persuade himself — nor anyone who is paid to effuse.

Before becoming an opinion columnist, she was a Times book reviewer. Frank Rich went from the Times theater critic (known as the “Butcher of Broadway”) to political opinion columnist, but Paul is no Frank Rich.

It is worth noting that Pamela Paul was married to conservative columnist Bret Stephens but then upgraded to hedge fund mogul Michael Stern. Clearly, Paul runs in a really progressive crowd. Well, not really. It isn’t surprising that she doesn’t encounter many Biden enthusiasts among the grumbling malcontents she counts as friends and intimates.

It’s like Wally Hudson and the inmates in Albertville who can’t figure out why Biden won the election. They just don’t get out enough.

Paul devotes a paragraph to the fact that, well, Trump might have to take the oath of office in jail in an orange jump suit, but she spends inches and inches of Doug Tice-approved blather to “Biden is old and his record is not commendable.”

Biden inherited an economy in straits because of the fumbling idiot Trump and his handling of COVID, but now it’s humming along, creating historic numbers of jobs with low unemployment, inflation is down, and no recession in the offing. Not to mention that President Biden gathered up the fractious Europeans and NATO and helped Ukraine fight off the Russians.

On almost every measure, Joe Biden has been a magnificent president. While Pamela Paul has proven herself a painful lightweight.

People like Paul think that Biden is vulnerable on the age issue. Any actuary, though, will tell you that the Orange Jello Jabba is older than Biden on the mortality charts.

The golf cart Adonis – provenance unknown

Paul concludes with this:

While we wait, we lurch ever closer to something of a historical re-enactment, our actual history hanging perilously in the balance.

She should have stuck to the books, fiction books.


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