Tom Emmer telling it like it absolutely most assuredly is (
by Dan Burns
Oct 23, 2023, 4:00 PM

Correcting media misconceptions about Rep. Tom Emmer

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) is, we’re being told, a “firebrand.” But also someone with “strong political instincts” who can “bring Republicans together.” Not all of those are direct quotes, but that is the gist of Minnesota corporate media’s coverage of his run for U.S. House Speaker.

What Emmer really is is just another example of what the large majority of Party of Trumpers in elected office nowadays are. Not the really performative types like Greene, Gaetz, Gosar, etc. But more plodding types, intellectually mediocre at best and ethically usually worse than that. They got into politics because they saw opportunities for power and wealth by appealing to a lot of pretty gullible people, namely the contemporary Republican base. Their primary allegiance is to continued plutocratic, militaristic rule – which after all has worked out well for their pathologically selfish asses. And that they have the “right” to hold onto power, by any means possible no matter how flagrantly anti-democratic. Even when the populace is clearly getting beyond the failed, despicable con that is right-wing conservatism.

In psychological terms Emmer is what’s called an “authoritarian social dominant.” That is, he holds dear that a) certain “authorities” should be believed and obeyed without question, and b) he himself is eminently qualified in every way to be one of those “authorities.” Which among other things leads to a constant sullenness, at the reality that a great many people regard such beliefs as preposterous (and in some contexts dangerous) and will have nothing to do with them except to mock and belittle them at every opportunity. I myself am one of those great many people, and if you’re reading this blog I suspect that you are as well.

What bugs me most about the likes of Emmer is that they are such obviously “kiss-up/kick-down” types of people. It’s a mindset that I find odious, even repellent. And I wish that I, or someone, could think of an effective way to get everyone to quit voting for them, for anything.

I have yet to see the usual suspects pimping Emmer for Prez, like they did Tim Pawlenty. But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see them start, whether or not he is named Speaker, and if so for however briefly it lasts. Because if there’s one crowd that never learns it’s corporate “news” media.

Update: Well, that ended in a hurry.

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